Bookfellows is a dream come true!

Patty Austvold, the keeper of the shop, has been an avid book lover all her life.  Coming into the bookselling business, with a teaching background, has given her a familiarity with many types of books and a love of people.

The “putting together of the shop” has been a family affair.

Niles Austvold, husband of Patty -- and a Financial Services Agent, has done the business planning.

Shane and Shanti Austvold, son and daughter-in-law of Patty, have done the website design and do all the continuing maintenance.

All of us became carpenters as we built the many bookshelves and put the physical layout of the store together.

Quality: used, out of print, rare books

Bookfellows is the place for Book lovers in the College town of Northfield, MN. Selling and Buying USED BOOKS is our business. Our goal is to serve our customers well providing them with quality books and offering a search service to locate books not in stock. We want the store to be a comfortable place to be in and offer a quiet reading corner and a free cup of tea.  

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